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New Cesena USA teams are being formed go to TEAMS section...tryouts now posted!

Cesena USA News

Cesena USA has opened registration for US and International female players interested in playing for Cesena USA WPSL in 2018!

Cesena USA will once again carry a 1st team and a “primavera” group each with 20-25 players. The Primavera group will consist of ’01, ’00 and ’99 top level players. Players from the ’98 class and above will be looked at for the 1st team.

All locally based high school and college/university players must be registered by Saturday, December 16th to be considered and invited to our evaluation sessions.

For more information click here! 

Cesena '05G (Black) Ranked #6 in Region 1

11/16/2017, 11:00am EST
By Kellie Barella

Cesena 05G Black completes Fall Campaign with Bethesda Premier Championship!

Over the November 11th-12th weekend our Cesena's U13 girls finished 3-0-1 to win Bethesda's Chesapeake Division. This is the second Bethesda Championship for the girls including last years win. The girls tallied 6 goals and yielded just 1. The tournament win followed another solid season in EDP's 1st Division (South). 

Cesena 05G Black, currently ranked #6 in Region 1 and #32 in the United States, will participate in the Eastern Regional League, several tournaments, and State Cup in the Spring.

If you are interested in a player evaluation, please contact Coach Greg Bryant at 703.217.7104.

Coerver Coaching Comes to Cesena USA!

10/25/2017, 2:15pm EDT
By John Laws

In the late 1970's, Weil Coerver led in what many consider a “revolution” in the way we coach the game of soccer. As a Dutch European Championship winning coach with Feyenoord became    dissatisfied with the lack of emphasis on individual player skills and the emphasis on defensive aspects of the game. Up to that point little or no attention was given to individual player development as many coaches and trainers were unsure on how to “teach” movements. It was then that Weil Coerver developed a clear and concise methodology for teaching player’s ball mastery and 1 vs. 1 skills. The Coerver Method allows players to learn and progress from the basics of ball mastery to a tactical “team-based” curriculum in a structured format.

In 1984, inspired by Wiel Coerver’s teaching philosophy, Alfred Galustian and Charlie Cooke founded what is now known around the world as Coerver® Coaching.

In 2017, many if not, most of the high-level professional clubs around the globe have Coerver Certified instructors that work with their clubs’ youth players.

ODFC Cesena is proud to have Coerver© Coaching as a developmental partner in the education of our Rising Talent Program (RTP) players.

Click Here for more information or to register for our winter programs!

ODFC RTP and Cesena USA: Synergy in Action!

10/06/2017, 5:00pm EDT
By Joanne Sloane

Developmental programs are complex entities that require the allowance of guided discovery and emphasis on the “whole” player. The ODFC Rising Talent Program (RTP) is such a program as it addresses the early development phase of most of our Cesena USA players.

The RTP is broken down into two segments the Junior RTP (ages 5-6 years old) and our RTP (ages 7-9). The RTP has never deviated from a curriculum rich in coordination/balance and ball mastery. The program teaches kids vital components of the game that have nothing to do with “how fast” or “how tall” they are and EVERYTHING to do with staying fit and learning about themselves. Overcoming hurdles (literally and figuratively), learning to balance yourself through the agility ladders and side stepping around cones all play a critical part in the development of coordination, balance and fitness. All of these components are needed as players develop and build up their inventory of skills with a soccer ball at their feet.  Coaches and trainers understand that it’s all about increasing the challenges one step at a time in a methodical, thought provoking way.

The RTP also brings to the forefront another important but subtle component as it provides children the opportunity to “learn how to learn”. Just like academic learning, players need to adjust their perspective on learning and realize that the challenges that come with new concepts are fun.  Andy Vera, Cesena USA Program Director expressed his thoughts this way, “most players enjoy playing a game (any game) if it’s challenging and enjoyable…RTP and the Cesena Program utilizes these components to teach.”

All these components introduced at the youngest age groups have proven to be essential in the Cesena Program. ODFC Director of Travel Program Operations, JJ Kern said this, “all our kids that go from RTP to Cesena USA see many of the same coaches, training techniques and even teammates…the seamless transition from one program to another is one of our greatest secrets.”

For those that have had the privilege of observing the RTP in action, have truly witnessed developmental programming at its best. 

ODFC Cesena Partners With Prestigious FOXCROFT School!

09/25/2017, 1:30pm EDT
By Kellie Barella

Cesena USA Begins to Prepare For FUTSAL Season!!

The Foxcroft School was founded in 1914 by Charlotte Haxall Noland, and is a college-preparatory boarding and day school for girls in grades 9-12, located in Middleburg, Virginia. It is accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools and the National Association of Independent Schools and is a founding member of the National Coalition of Girls' Schools. Foxcroft will now host the ODFC Western Futsal League (WFL) starting in January 2018.

The WFL will be the ONLY top level Futsal League in Loudoun County affiliated with US Youth Futsal and fully recognized by the USYF. US Youth Futsal is a US Soccer program with close ties to the world soccer governing organization, FIFA. ODFC is now a co-sponsor of the WFL with our partners at the Metro Futsal League and will begin operations throughout the county this coming winter 2017-18. Cesena USA teams will participate throughout the winter months in the WFL.

Andy Vera, ODFC Director of Soccer Operations said this, “We couldn’t ask for more, we have a great partner school in Foxcroft, professional facilities, top-level coaches, excellent instruction and a league recognized by USYF…we don’t concerned ourselves with being the biggest…we strive to be the best at providing a solid education to our kids. The partnership we now have with Foxcroft will expand our educational influence…”

Registration to our indoor educational programs and Futsal league will open soon!