Rising Talent Program (RTP) Pre-Travel Academy

Old Dominion Football Club (ODFC) Rising Talent Program

Cesena USA is a proud partner of  ODFC and utilizes its' professional staff to manage their Rising Talent Program. The ODFC RTP is utilized as a direct "feeder" system into the ODFC Travel Program for interested players.


Program Objectives:

·         To identify, develop, evaluate and monitor players in the ODFC U8 age group
·         To enable our U8 emerging talent to develop their abilities by applying a curriculum based program
·         To provide U8 emerging talent with a more challenging level of training and development
·         To provide U8 emerging talent with the opportunity to compete with players from neighboring clubs with an overall improvement in structure and quality
·         To provide our up-coming U8 coaches an opportunity to learn from the curriculum based program being applied by professional coaches
·         To provide a higher quantity/quality of players within our U8 program moving onto next phase of development or “pathway”
·         To improve the quality of information parents and players receive regarding club opportunities and possible pathway decisions

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