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A.C. Cesena Club Background

Club History:

  • Cesena, a historic Italian city of 100,000 inhabitants on the Adriatic coast, has a great soccer tradition, having participated in 37 league championships in both Serie “A” and Serie “B”, since its’ creation in 1940.
  • There are 36 local affiliates (Italy) and one US based (International) partner-Cesena USA
  • To visit A.C. Cesena web site click here



  • A.C. Cesena has been awarded the Italian Soccer Players Association prestigious Player Development Award and was recognized as the best “youth development academy” in Italy.
  • The Cesena Youth System has access to approximately 10,000 players (6,300-Italy, 3,500 – USA).
  • 37 affiliates “feed” into A.C. Cesena. These “feeder” clubs act as subsidiary academies that tap into youth players throughout Italy and now the United States.
  • 500 technical and physical trainers, nutritionist, sports psychologists, administrators
  • A “sphere of influence” that encompasses the entire Romagna region of Italy and now the USA.
  • Cesena Calcio has historically allocated a large amount of resources into their youth development program. In 2009 that amount surpassed 1M US dollars.
  • The clubs driving philosophy of player development and education is now a documented “method of training” which emphasizes technical and conceptual development.
  • The method of training and methodology has as its focus, the development of the “complete player”, addressing physiological and physiological parameters and needs.    

A.C. Cesena-Cesena USA Method:

  • Defines objectives and methodologies for each and every age group beginning with our youngest 3 year old players.
  • Cesena and CESENA USA utilize identical didactics and methodologies in their structured training methods with a true emphasis on development.
  • This “method” is continuously evaluated from within both organizations and from the following points of view: Organizational, Technical and Ethical

Technical Staff/Educational Resources

Every staff member regardless of position within the CESENA USA-Cesena structure is a professional within the field of expertise. All coaches, trainers and professional staff have high level coaching badges and certifications that make them experts in the area of focus. These individuals include: 

  • Coaches/Trainers
  • Sports Psychologists
  • Sports Physiologists
  • Sports Nutritionists
  • Team Managers
  • Medical staff

Partnership Benefits to ODFC/CESENA USA Members

Professional Staff: Teams are staffed with professional, club approved coaches

Exclusivity: High-Level year-round training program for the best pre-selected players within their age group and playing for host club

Accessibility: to A.C. Cesena programs and professional staff and a growing list of Educational Alliance Member organizations

Visibility: at “high-level” tournaments (local/international)